@iirenzo: Rams

The Rams got so good so quickly last year that I can’t help but predict they take a step back this season. They will still win the west but with Russ, Jimmy G and Rosen biting at their heels, and one full year of McVay’s offensive scheming prowess on tape, don’t expect the Rams to keep improving.

@abel_figgy:  Rams

The Seahawks are atrocious, we don’t know what exactly Jimmy G is, and the Cardinals might not have what it takes to truly challenge the Rams. The Rams went all in this offseason and will bear the fruits of their labor in the postseason.

@adammanziel: Rams

There’s simply too much talent on this roster for me to overlook. I’m a big fan of the additions of Marcus Peters, Ndamukong Suh, and Aqib Talib on defense to aid Aaron Donald. If Jared Goff manages to stave off his inevitable immediate regression back into a potato for at least another season, we could have the makings of something special in Los Angeles.

@alecbruins: Rams

As long as the personalities in this locker room withhold from killing each other, this division should be a breeze. The Rams are going for it, I'm not really sure what "it" is but everyone is saying that. Bags have been secured, now it's time to win football games. 



@adammanziel: Eagles

They’ll be starting Nick Foles to begin the season, but the defense is so good it won’t matter. Even if Carson Wentz comes back with only one leg I still like this team’s chances more than the Cowgirls, Giants, or ********.

@alecbruins: The rock band that sings Hotel California

I have to go with the defending champs even without their starting QB to begin the season, there are too many issues surrounding the other teams in the division. The Giants have plenty of weapons on offense with the addition of Saquon but will trot out the corpse of Eli Manning. Significant injuries to the OL and FedEx workers at receiver could lead to a Panama City style beating for Dak Prescott and Zeke. I do think the R words will surprise people but Alex Smith's inability to throw down field won't. 

@abel_figgy: Eagles

The Eagles are the undisputed favorites to repeat as division champs and maybe even conference champs. This team should take off once Carson Wentz returns.

@iirenzo: Eagles

Eagles take the east. Although, the R-words will win 10 games this season. The Giants will flash some weeks for the simple fact that they can put the ball in OBJ or Saquon’s hands every play, but let’s not dance around the fact that Eli is literally months shy of a senior discount and going for his third annual prostate check this year.




@adammanziel: Vikings

This Vikings team won thirteen games and came one loss short of the Super Bowl last season with Case Keenum at QB and Latavius Murray as its leading rusher after Dalvin Cook’s injury. There’s no reason to expect any significant drop-off for their defense, and the addition of Kirk Cousins means they can expect stable play under center.

@abel_figgy: Vikings

The Vikings have a QB that can throw a deep ball that doesn’t have to enter the Earth’s stratosphere to hit its target anymore. The top-2-and-not-2 best roster in the league added a legitimate QB. Only thing standing in the way of a Lombardi for the Vikes is the offensive line.

@alecbruins: Vikings

Many people are saying the Jaguars have the best defense in the NFL but this is fake news! It is the Minnesota Bruins err Vikings. Despite a shellacking by the Eagles in the NFC Championship, this defense was mainly responsible for 13 wins. Adding Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook back into the mix should yield positive results offensively. 

@iirenzo: Vikings

Aaron Rodgers is going to will one of the shittiest rosters in football to 10 wins, but the Vikings are absolutely loaded everywhere. The north will be painted purple for a minute.




@abel_figgy: Saints

The Saints cashed in on both an OROY and DROY last year which shows just how well this team has been built. They were one miracle away from reaching the NFC title game and should be in a similar situation this year as well.

@adammanziel: Saints

I think the Saints are stacked and there’s no reason to assume they won’t be an NFC powerhouse again this season.

@iirenzo: Saints

I like the Saints to repeat as division champs in 2018. They have the best HC/QB marriage in the division, a defense that can manufacture pressure consistently and the rest of league let them get the most electric three down back in the league. Cam is riding with 2020 pop warner coaches for a supporting cast and I’m convinced the Falcons are just losers.

@alecbruins: Saints

The Saints were a Minneapolis Miracle from the NFC Championship game last year. I don't anticipate that kind of heartbreak this year in New Orleans. Their window is now and the moves they made in the offseason represent that, they even acquired some insurance at QB in Teddy Bridgewater.