Rejoice, the NFL is back! The Blogcast Boys have gathered to bring you our predictions for the season, starting with the AFC. 



@abel_figgy: Chargers

The Chargers have one of the deepest rosters in the entire league. Highlighted by the best pass rushing combo in Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa that’s backed by a young, strong defense, this team may take the league by storm. Or they might go 7-9 with all 9 losses coming in the fourth quarter because, well, they’re the Chargers. It would be quite the disappointment if this offseason darling becomes a regular season ugly duckling once again. 

 @adammanziel: Not the Raiders

Head Coach Jon Gruden has truly turned a corner with this team after just 8 months on the job. Once thought (literally only two years ago) to finally be on the ascent after a wild card playoff appearance following years of stomach-churning, depression-inducing football while firmly in position as the consensus laughingstock of the league, the Oakland Raiders appear as if they’re finally preparing to re-assume that title.

@alecbruins: Chiefs

Imma keep it real with you chief...I just can't trust the chargers. I'm all in on Pat Mahomes and it's certain the game will be slower for him because Andy Reid never lets a timeout (or meal) go to waste. 

@iirenzo: Chargers

The Broncos remain a shadow of their former selves. The Raiders said we are good to re-signing our 27-year-old all-pro talent and cornerstone asset, Khalil Mack. The Chargers should just slide right to the top with one of the best rosters in the NFL.




@adammanziel: Dolphins

The Patriots have held this division by the nutsack for the entirety of my eighteen years on this earth. Year in and year out I have found myself edging up to week four of the pre-season only to get blue-balled after whatever naive reasons for optimism I may have had come to a sad, mediocre end before Halloween. With a confidence that definitely doesn’t ring extremely hollow, I predict the Miami Dolphins will win their division this season led by Adam Gase’s vision and Ryan Tannehill’s arm.

@abel_figgy: Patriots

Another year, another chapter of the sport’s most prolific dynasty. The Pats will probably be playing for another Lombardi once they blow past everyone else in the AFC.

@alecbruins: Dolphins

In case you haven't heard, this is Ryan Tannehill's year. The very dishonest and lying fake news media has the Dolphins penned as a bottom 5 team in the league. Sad! Under Adam Gase, the offense is booming like never before and the locker room is at historic highs! 

@iirenzo: Patriots

This is literally AFC New England until further notice.




@adammanziel: Steelers

With or without Le’Veon Bell the Steelers have much more talent than anyone in their division. They should coast to another AFC North title.

@iirenzo: Ravens

The Ravens will win the North by a fine margin, capping off the miserable era of this underwhelming run from the Steelers. The Browns would have been the sexy pick for this division, but I still am not sold on this organization, specifically Hue Jackson, a man that speaks mostly in metaphors and loose threats.

@abel_figgy: Steelers

The triple Bs should make slight work of the rest of the division. Hopefully LVB’s holdout doesn’t affect the Steelers chances of taking care of business.

@alecbruins: Steelers

Please may you sign my fantasy running back. 




@iirenzo: Jaguars

I want to state so badly that Houston will win their division, go to the Super Bowl and win the damn thing. Watson is back and the Texans signed one of the best DB's in the league, Tyrann Mathieu. However, the Texans flat-out have five bowling alley security guards protecting Deshaun Watson. Jags take this easily.

@adammanziel: Texans

I’ve always been a firm believer in the abilities of Deshaun Watson, and he was one of the best quarterbacks in the league last season prior to his ACL tear. The Jaguars are overrated and I personally believe Andrew Luck’s arm might still end up being a spaghetti noodle. The Titans suck. The division is for Deshaun’s taking.

@alecbruins: Texans

As long as these Texans have more trips to the endzone than the IR this should be a succesful season. The only reason this pick worries me (other than Deshaun's ACL being held together by a paper clip) is because Houston has become the national darling pick to make some noise this season. 

@abel_figgy: Jaguars

The Jaguars defense was something special last year. They were fun to watch. They were sassy. Will Blake Bortles be bad enough to sink the Jaguars title hopes? You tell me.