#MusicMonday MDW Edition



1. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division 

2. Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

3. Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

4. What Would Meek Do? - Pusha T

5. Duppy Freestyle - Drake

6. Square Hammer - Ghost

7. Promises, Promises - Naked Eyes

8. Watch - Travis Scott

9. Turtles All the Way Down - Sturgill Simpson

10. Sara - Fleetwood Mac

11. Drinkin Problem - Midland

12. What a Fool BelievesKenny Loggins, Michael McDonald


(1) Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division 

The anniversary of lead singer Ian Curtis tragic death just recently passed on May 18th. Unfortunately by the time this song was released in 1979 and topping the charts, Curtis had already passed. This song is a reflection of his marriage to Deborah Curtis as well as his general frame of mind leading up to his suicide. It's an absolutely timeless hit. - @alecbruins


(2) Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Tis the season for summer anthems. Summertime is the grandaddy of all hip-hop summer jams. I'd be doing a disservice by not including this song on Memorial Day Weekend. - @alecbruins


(3) Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

If you haven't noticed by now we're big Fleetwood Mac guys so I thought I'd keep it going. This is my personal favorite and I could never argue with anyone who told me this was the best song ever created. - @alecbruins


(4) What Would Meek Do? - Pusha T

It was hard to pick one song out of Daytona but this one stood out the most to me. Ye went absolutely dumb on both this beat and his verse. That Phil and Mike line is pure flames. - @abel_figgy


(5) Duppy Freestyle - Drake

We all gotta thank Pusha for his two contributions to music over the past week. The first for dropping a fantastic album and the second for pushing Drake to drop Duppy Freestyle. Hopefully this is the Drake that we'll get on Scorpion. - @abel_figgy


(6) Square Hammer - Ghost

Swearing fealty to Satan has never sounded this catchy. - @abel_figgy


(7) Promises, Promises - Naked Eyes

A lil throwback with this one. Big ol Hall & Oates vibes on this. - @abel_figgy


(8) Watch - Travis Scott

This song got kind of lost in the shuffle but it's an undeniable banger. Lil Uzi shines bright and Ye comes through with a fire verse continuing his hot streak. - @abel_figgy


(9) Turtles All the Way Down - Sturgill Simpson

This outlaw country sound is another great example of country music that would appeal to fans of all genres. Sturgill’s music is the antithesis of contemporary country radio music and my favorite country artist at the moment because of his ability to step outside the genre instrumentally, while captivating all types of music fans with a story telling component. - @iirenzo


(10) Sara - Fleetwood Mac

Hardly in need of a description here. Sara is another classic example of the band’s timeless sound. Slappers only. - @iirenzo


(11) Drinkin Problem - Midland

This is the drinking anthem and it’s head and shoulders above the rest. Crack a cold Modelo to this one. - @iirenzo


(12) What a Fool BelievesKenny Loggins, Michael McDonald

We all know and love What a Fool Believes, but this live version with Kenny in the mix is super smooth and worth a listen. - @iirenzo