Why Fortnite Sucks

By: Adam Garcia (@adammanziel


Unless you’ve spent every moment of the last year in some sort of comatose state, you have certainly had the misfortune of encountering Fortnite, Epic Games’ free-to-play online multiplayer shooter which burst onto the scene in July 2017, and has managed to build the largest normie-following the world has seen since Rocket League’s glory days.

This game’s popularity has led me to ask the following question: why does an immensely boring, mind-numbingly repetitive, and incredibly unimaginative game like Fortnite have such an enormous fan base? Surely, I thought, there has to be some reason for Fortnite’s seemingly never-ending presence on Twitter or its interminable appearance night-after-night on the Snapchat story of every single boy on my friends list. Perhaps the gameplay was top-tier, or the variations in maps and weapons was eye-catching, shit, maybe the game even offered players an original concept they could only experience if they played Fortnite. To my surprise, none of these things happened to be true! Unfortunately, Epic Games has given me no choice but to put my neck on the line and earn my own profile in courage, it is with utmost conviction that I say: as a matter of fact, Fortnite sucks.

Fortnite uses an extremely basic premise as the foundation for its gameplay, developers like to call it a “Battle Royale,” but in layman’s terms it’s literally just The Hunger Games. This concept is very obviously not anything new or fresh, and because of this, there should be added pressure on the other aspects of the game to truly leap off the screen at you. This is not the case with Fortnite, whose lackluster graphics and mediocre gunplay result in a game that simply isn’t worth writing home about.

One glance at Fortnite compared to literally any other popular modern-day shooter reveals that its cartoonish graphics just do not measure up against the rest of the crop. To be fair, the game is free-to-play, while games like Overwatch or Battlefield 1 for example are not. However, the developers of Fortnite make plenty of cash by selling players cosmetic items for actual U.S. currency, so what gives? Graphics are never the be all end all, but if your game plays like it was developed by a guy who played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds once and then tried to recreate it from memory, it helps if it at least looks good.


Up until now I have avoided explaining my biggest gripe with this game: its repetitiveness. Fortnite is so stale and predictable, there are legitimately only two possible ways for a round to play out: 1) You find all of the cool shit the game has to offer and you use all of it on your way to victory (doesn’t happen ever) or more often 2) You find all of the cool shit the game has to offer and then you get fired into the sun by somebody who is just way better than you. I know the onus is on me to get good, but I’m sorry, a game this basic just isn’t worth investing the time into.

Arguably the coolest thing you’re given the ability to do in Fortnite is shoot a rocket launcher, one of maybe three weapons in the game that isn’t just a run of the mill rifle, shotgun, or pistol. How riveting. Fortnite sucks.