Drake's Plan

By: Alec Garcia (@alecbruins)


The Drake train just keeps on rolling and it's only gaining momentum. He's currently in a league of his own and is really only competing with himself. It's not farfetched to say there are better rappers than Drake. To most, that is certainly true. The problem is, when a Drake song releases there are no other rappers or artists for that matter who will have the masses stop whatever they're doing just to listen and critique. Drake currently has two hit singles in rotation with yet another album on the way. The most notorious is "God's Plan" which is currently in its 11th consecutive week atop the Billboard Hot 100. These are big facts. 


The music video for "God's Plan" set off a firestorm on social media. The budget for the video was $999,631.90 but Drake just decided to give it all away to the citizens of Miami. Some were treated to supermarket shopping sprees, wads of cash and free cars, whereas a selection of shelters, charities and groups were presented with those huge checks we only ever see on-screen. The song itself is a classic Drake bop with quotable lyrics. Be honest with yourself for a second, every time you hear it, you sing it because we all love our bed and our mommas. That's why Drake gets it. 

I'd be doing you all a disservice to not mention songs that Drake has appeared on recently, for example “Look Alive,” a song by Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB that Drake essentially turned into his own. The song even inspired its own dance. (6 God, BlocBoy, 6 God, BlocBoy, woo!)

Just this week Drake released his latest single "Nice for What" a bounce record featuring Big Freedia with a sample from Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor." When I first heard this song I thought to myself "Wow, this is the best Drake song I've ever heard." I may or may not say that for every new Drake song but *shrugs.* The song is all about female empowerment and in the music video we see female figures such as Misty Copeland, Rashida Jones, Tracee Ellis Ross, Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez, Olivia Wilde, Issa Rae, Letitia Wright and Tiffany Haddish.

Drake is just like any superstar who knows how to appeal to the masses. His celebrity status at this point makes it unfair to classify him as just a rapper. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Drakeover because it's just getting started.